The quickest way to digitalize 2D drawings into building information models (BIM)


Our solution

The idea: to generate 3D digital models of buildings (also known as “BIM” or Building Information Model) from existing 2D plans in DWG, PDF, PNG, paper formats… The elements constituting the envelope/shell of the building are automatically recognized (windows, doors, spaces, walls) and an IFC file is provided that is compatible with other commercial or free tools.

Objective: with WiseBIM, no need to go on site. Without our solution, the transformation speed is approximately a few square meters per hour. The speed to generate WiseBIM’s model is phenomenal. In just a few minutes, obtain a simplified model of a building that is several hundred square meters in size.

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Quickly convert all your plans into 3D

We can digitalize all types of plans regardless of the source or format: DWG, PNG, JPEG, PDF, even drawings...
  • architectural sketches,
  • real estate drawings,
  • technical drawings,
  • ...
WISEBIM builds the corresponding 3D model in IFC format that is compatible with most BIM software such as:
  • eveBim®,
  • Revit®,
  • Solibri®, DDS-CAD Viewer®, BIM vision®
  • ...

WiseBIM’s strengths


Competitive price per square meter


> 10 000 m2 / day


"One-click" solution


Standard IFC format


Robust automatic reconstruction

WiseBIM’s market segments

Ready to switch to BIM?

By investing in turning your existing real-estate plans into Building Information Model you’ll save up to 10% on management / maintenance costs right away.
A fast Return on Investment!

Want to be more efficient during the intervention of your emergency teams?

WiseBIM allows you to quickly create a database of exposed buildings in 3D. 3D visualizations help increase action efficiencies and avoid dramatic interpretations based solely on 2D plans.

Ready to get the input geometry for your thermal simulations?

WiseBIM allows you to quickly create the digital model needed for your simulations in order and avoid the tedious phase of geometry implementations.

Interested in understanding the structure of your building?

WiseBIM allows you to quickly obtain this input data. Avoid the daunting stage of 3D reconstruction from a 2D plan and focus your 3D work on the valuation of real estate.

Want to be more efficient when dismantling/demolishing your buildings?

WiseBIM allows you to quickly create a digital model of these buildings and then extract the number and volume of the various constituent elements of the buildings. The result is a more accurate estimate of the volumetric quantities of various materials to be removed and /or recycled and therefore reduce the inherent costs.

Our technology

From an image plan
Original image (PNG)
Identification of key elements (walls, windows, doors)
Resulting IFC model

IFC file example

Test our IFC file example with your software:
Original image (PNG)
IFC model obtained

Download the 2x4 IFC file or 2x3 IFC file

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