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The automatic way to digitalize 2D drawings into building information models (BIM)

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The idea: to generate 3D digital models of buildings (also known as “BIM” or Building Information Model)
from existing 2D plans.

We can digitalize all types of plans regardless of the source : architectural sketches, real estate drawings, technical drawings that are scanned or numeric in any compatible format (DWG, PNG, JPEG, PDF). With our solution we define a 3D model that respects the IFC standard (2x3 or 4) in order to ensure the interoperability with building software like eveBim®, Revit®, Sketchup®, Solibri®, DDS-CAD Viewer®, BIM vision®.

productivity (> 1200m²/h)

no need to go on site

interoperability (IFC 2x3 & 4)

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IFC file example

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