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No matter what format your plans are: PDF, DWG, PNG, ...

Modeled elements:

Structure: walls, slabs, columns, beams, hoppers.

Interior design: bulkhead, windows, doors, spaces, stairs.

Equipment: sanitaires, sensors, heating/ventilation systems…

Respect of BIM guidelines

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Our R&D projects

WiseBIM and its founders originate from the world of research. Innovation is part of the company's DNA. WiseBIM actively participates in R&D projects for the digitization of existing buildings (BIM4REN and Metabuilding) in an openBIM® framework by contributing to buildingSMART France.


European project dealing with the BIM for building renovation, 2018-2020. This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 programme under Grant Agreement No. 820773

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European project to assess the feasibility of automatic recognition of HVAC systems and networks for building renovation, 2022.

WiseBIM also carries out specific developments of Artificial Intelligence for some customers like SNCF Réseau and Colas.


Modeling in the operation phase of railway infrastructures from 2D plans: a specific AI tool has been developed to generate 3D/BIM digital models from the existing 2D railway plans. 

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Modeling of underground networks from existing 2D plans