WiseBIM, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence for BIM, is proud to announce Plans2BIM’s new version. As a reminder, this online tool is dedicated to the modeling of your 2D plans into BIM models. This update is a major step in the evolution of Plans2BIM, offering significant improvements in terms of detection, creation and editing performance in 2D/3D, all in a more ergonomic and easier-to-use interface for a more optimal user experience.


  • Conclusion Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Improved image recognition and Deep Learning algorithms enable Plans2BIM to detect elements faster and more precisely.


  • Conclusion A new ergonomic 2D/3D editor

With an intuitive interface and optimized editing tools, Plans2BIM makes it easy to add properties for one or more elements, and to modify and create 2D and 3D models.

The new ergonomics and ease-of-use make BIM modeling accessible to all building professionals, whatever their level of expertise.

Plans2BIM’s new version is proof of our commitment to making BIM accessible to all company sizes.


The benefits of Plans2BIM


  • Considerable time savings
  • No need for training
  • On-line
  • Interoperable (IFC, DXF files)
  • Cost-effective

To learn more about Plans2BIM and to test our tool, please check out our website: https://plans2bim.com/


About WiseBIM

Founded in 2017 in France, WiseBIM is a Deep Tech coming out of the Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives. It develops, in particular, innovative online solutions based on artificial intelligence that facilitate and accelerate the generation of interoperable digital models from existing data. WiseBIM is positioned in the building and existing infrastructure markets.

Press contact : communication@wisebim.fr